The Regional Forest Agency for Land and Environment of Sardinia (FoReSTAS) and the Italian National Association of Regional Forestry Activities (ANARF) will host and organize the 2018 edition of the European State Forest Conference

14th -17th May 2018, Tempio Pausania (Sardinia)

Draft PROGRAMME and Conference outline
The Southern borders of the EU are at the forefront of climate change effects , including increased drought severity, increased probability and intensity of
wildfires, decreased resilience to pests and diseases as well as extreme weather conditions. Nonetheless, the century-old relationship between forests, man
and climate has forged the structure and composition of these ecosystems to allow the provisioning of goods and services which integrate wood production
with non-wood forest products, such as cork, animal products, honey and mushrooms. The landscapes deriving from this interaction are unique, and
together with Sardinia’s breathtaking beaches , are greatly appreciated by visitors from all over the world.
The leading topics of the conference will be on how to deliver the multifunctionality of forests , their provisions of Ecosystem Services and
non-wood Forest products , and the need for adaptation to Climate Change of forest ecosystems.

On the 15 th May, an entire field day will showcase Mediterranean forest management practices in cork oak stands, coastal pine stands, degraded habitats for
biotic and abiotic factors and multifunctional management. The visits will be accompanied by presentations explaining environmental threats, management
constraints and future development prospects.
On the 16 th of May , major policy makers at the EU, National and Regional level, together with forestry CEOs, professionals, experts and scientists will discuss
how the political agenda tackles the challenges and supports the strengths of the European forest sector in a Mediterranean context, given the current trends of
climate and land use change. Keynote talks will be given on the main conference topics followed by parallel sessions.
Monday, 14 th May
Arrival and Transfer to hotel
Optional visit to the Giant’s Tomb dating to the Bronze Age ( for those arriving late morning or early afternoon)
ExCom members: EUSTAFOR Executive Committee meeting (closed meeting)
Networking drink hosted by Antonio Casula (Director General Forestas)
Dinner and cultural programme
Tuesday, 15 th May (f ield day )
Ing Alberto Negro – President ANARF
Per-Olof Wedin – President EUSTAFOR
Opening of the conference
EUSTAFOR and its mission
Field visits show casing: Cork Oak stand management and
Wild Fire management in view of CC, Silvo-pastoral
Presentations by Forestas Agency University of
Sassari, AGRIS and National Research Council
Visit to local Cork Factory Molinas and to a local Winery
Gala Dinner (typical Gallurese meal)

Wednesday, 16 th May (c onference day )
Opening of the conference Forestas Administrator
Enabling active forest management in Italy in the face of
climate change and for rural development Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Challenges and opportunities for forestry in
Mediterranean areas EU Parliament perspective
The EU policies to support multifunctional and resilient
EU Commission, DG AGRI Director General (tbc.)
Adaptation of European forests to climate change Sardinian Minister for the Protection of the
Mediterranean forests & multifunctionality. Natural
Capital financial facility and NWFP University
Parallel Sessions:
Parallel Session 1 : Climate Change Adaptation Experiences from other EUSTAFOR
members and work group discussion
Parallel session 2 : Valuing Ecosystem Services &
Non-Wood Forest Products
Experiences from other EUSTAFOR
members and work group discussion
Concluding remarks
Piotr Borkowski – EUSTAFOR Exec.
Buffet Lunch
Visit to the coastal Pine Stand on the beach of Rena Majore and sand dune stabilization. Hiking on the
panoramic trails of Rena Majore.
Post conference dinner and social event
Thursday, 17th May (final day, d epartures )
Optional Visit to the Monumental Olive tree of Lago del Liscia