#ResponsibleForestry is the solution to today’s challenges to forests: How do European foresters implement forest management on the ground?

#ResponsibleForestry is the solution to today’s challenges to forests:
How do European foresters implement forest management on the ground?

EUSTAFOR is releasing a second video “Our missions as state foresters” to put the
spotlight on the work of foresters on the ground through its #ResponsibleForestry
campaign. The release is concurrent with the Forest Europe High-Level Policy Dialogue
on 30 August 2022, at which the role of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in
supporting forest biodiversity and balancing it with other ecosystem services will be
discussed. EUSTAFOR aims to highlight that it is through the practical work of forestry
experts that Sustainable Forest Management and multi-functional forestry becomes
The preservation of biodiversity, the supply of renewable raw materials, and creating
areas for recreation and well-being, are only a few examples of the roles of European
state forest management. Each activity must be given its proper place and time in the
forest and highly qualified foresters prepare management plans so that silvicultural
measures do not impinge on the multiple purposes for which forests are used.
EUSTAFOR’s 36 members are State Forest Management Organizations whose forest
professionals work daily in 51 million hectares of forests and other wooded lands
throughout 25 countries across Europe. These skilled and experienced experts ensure
public forests are managed responsibly so they will remain resilient and adapted to
current and future challenges. Unfortunately, not only are forests facing emerging
pressures from climate change but, more and more often, foresters themselves are
being physically assaulted while doing their job.
State foresters are the interface between the states and regions who own Europe’s
public forests, the citizens who enjoy them, and the forest-based value chain on which
the bioeconomy depends.
Through the #ResponsibleForestry campaign, forest experts are working to build public
and political awareness about the benefits of forests, while also ensuring a proper
1 Any statement in this document is to be considered as a reflection of the best available professional expertise and
does not necessarily reflect the political commitments of individual member organizations.
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understanding of the challenges they are facing and the reasons why different types
of silvicultural operations are undertaken on the ground.
It is the work of European state foresters to implement Sustainable Forest Management
on a regional, national but also European level. Before EU forest-related policies are
decided, therefore, it is first essential to understand what can and cannot be done in
practice. This is why forest managers must be included in the discussion and
development of EU forest-related policies.
The challenge of prioritizing, balancing and delivering the different needs of the forests
of Europe is high. The faster we work together to create a united and sustainable vision,
supported not only by policymakers but by the broad public as well, the better the
results will be for everyone.
Watch the video here.
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